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!!It's Your Wedding Day
There are very few days in a person's life that are as special as their wedding day. It's a time to come together with friends and family, and celebrate the love between two people. Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult. Choosing the person to photograph your wedding day shouldn't be. As your photographer, I want the entire process, from start to finish, to run smoothly and without concern. If you are looking for someone to just show up and snap some pictures for you, download them onto a CD and be done, I am not what you are looking for. What I aim to do each and every time I photograph a wedding, is to give my clients an experience that goes above and beyond what you would expect from a photographer. I want it to be clear from the start, that while I care very much about the pictures I take and deliver, I care equally about the people in those photos.
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!!Relax and enjoy yourself
You have probably heard it a million times already, but it is so true: your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye. So enjoy it! It is my job to help you remember the magic of that day tomorrow, next week, and 30 years from now. I will be right there all night long to take shots of you and grandma, your childhood besties, and your table of co-workers. But with my lifestyle and photojournalistic approach, I will also be there in the background to capture those candid moments that happen spontaneously. I want to capture those moments that make a good night memorable. A whispered joke from a sibling. A tender hug from a distance aunt. A small kiss on the cheek from a grandparent. I will do my absolute best to capture and preserve all those precious moments on film for you, so you can relive them over and over again.
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!!In the end, it's all about you
Last but not least, you will receive the VIP treatment. After all, this is YOUR day. A celebration of two people becoming one. My team and I will do everything in our power to make sure our bride and groom feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process from start to finish. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. But when that day finally arrives, it should feel easy and effortless-just like your love and commitment for one another.
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