About Me

I would love to tell you a story about how my parents bought me my first camera when I was 5 years old and how I wanted to be a photographer from that moment on. The truth is, I purchased my first entry-level DSLR camera at age 31, when my wife was pegnant with our first child. After my son was born, like most new parents, I wanted a way to document every second of his life growing up, so I could one day use all those photos to embarrass them the way my parents embarrassed me. But thanks to my perfectionist personality, I did not want to just take good pictures. I wanted to take great pictures. So in between work, playtime, and nap time, I spent every free moment I had learning about photography. It was then, after hours of YouTube tutorials, online articles about composition, and webinars about lighting, something happened. My curiosity became an obsession, and that obsession eventually turned into a passion. If you would have told me years ago one day I would want to be a professional photographer, I would have thought you were crazy. But it’s very apparent to me now, that it’s all I aspire to be. I could dwell on the thought of not finding my passion earlier in life. But I think it would be more devastating not having found one at all.

Unfortunately, the majority of people on this earth must work to survive. I believe that, no matter what it may be, every person searches for that one  career or profession that they love doing so much, that it doesn't quite feel like “work”. I am lucky to have found mine. I may be relatively new as a photographer, but my passion and dedication to enhancing my skills are unmatched. There is a saying, “The only thing we truly ever know, is that we don’t know everything.” I work hard and continue to improve and perfect my craft. To not only develope a business and help support my family with a camera, but to help share my passion and work with those I am fortunate enough to photograph.